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Our customers all across Indian Country are facing rapidly changing business and regulatory environment. We are following these trends and have the leading solutions to meet these needs.

We see a bright future for our commercial clients and in Indian Country with opportunities to develop clean and efficient power generation, power delivery and telecommunications systems. Here's just a few of the end-to-end services we provide:


WampWorx, a native owned construction management firm, combines its resources with key industry partners to deliver solutions that work for Native American Tribes and commercial clients.

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WampWorx Energy is committed to the ideal of mainstreaming sustainability by serving Tribes and commercial clients with a sincere interest in taking an active role in the reform of the energy producing industry without sacrificing revenue for a clear conscience. Creating and maintaining power producing facilities in harmony with nature is not only the right thing to do, it is also a wise investment in the future.

Smart city solutions take many forms – resilient infrastructure, communication and sensor networks, integrated water and energy management, building energy efficiency, zero emission vehicles and smart traffic management. Ultimately, these pieces need to be connected through smart planning, processes and analytics. A smart sustainable strategy integrates environmental, social and governance factors and assesses both risk and opportunity to produce energy, telecommunications and infrastructure in a responsible way.

With the conscience of born stewards of the environment, WampWorx is building success in this industry by leveraging our experience and relationships with like minded industry professionals, corporations and communities as well as legislators and policy makers.

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