​​​​​WampWorx is uniquely qualified to manage complex projects from pre-plan to completion. We have successfully managed commercial, municipal and federal construction contracts including those in the core markets of energy and telecommunications.

We employ a systematic CM process which uses various controls and procedures intended to allow the design consultant maximum creativity within the budgetary constraints and programmatic objectives.

​Our CM services include:

Cost Control and Schedule | Quality Management | Safety | Constructability | Startup and Commissioning | Construction Coordination | Field Engineering | Contract Management | Materials Management | Labor Relations

Construction Management

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Sustainability is at the core of WampWorx founding principals. We are committed to the ideal of mainstreaming sustainability by serving communities, companies and investors with a sincere interest in taking an active role in the reform of the energy producing industry. 
​Creating and maintaining power producing facilities in harmony with nature is not only the right thing to do; it is also a wise investment in the future with an opportunity to generate impressive financial returns.
​Our partners have more than 30 years experience in renewable and alternative energy technologies that include:

Solar Photovoltaic | Wind | Hydro | Solar Thermal | Biomass | Landfill gas | Energy Storage | Anaerobic Digestion | Ocean | Geothermal | Ethanol/Biodiesel.


WampWorx services include renewable energy, commercial, municipal, and tribal government projects. The WampWorx management team promises a competitive pricing and oversees a seasoned team of qualified construction project managers to assure the safety, quality and efficiency of every project to your ultimate satisfaction. 

Energy | Operational Technology | Construction Management | Full-Service, Life-Cycle | Project Development | Asset Management

WampWorx Services

Our performance and project management is backed by performance guarantees – from owner’s engineer, including design review and construction oversight, to full engineering, procurement and construction (EPC). WampWorx is a turnkey partner, which means clients experience seamless, safe and successful. Along with our strategic partners, we not only design and build complex power generation facilities around the world, we tackle interconnection challenges to move electricity from the source to the grid. We know how to tie renewable energy into the power delivery grid. 

​Project development services include: Site Selection | Feasibility Studies | Permitting | RFP development | Bid evaluation | Negotiation support.

 Operational Technology

As ​Industrial IT technology and demand outpaces existing wireless communication systems staying ahead of the curve is key to remaining competitive. WampWorx has both the trusted partnerships and global automation networks for new construction or to retrofit existing facilities.

Experienced in microwave and mobile radio technology, our partners have also delivered solutions to more than 60,000 wireless sites. They play a major role moving billions of wireless voice and data messages daily. 

​Our clients include: Wireless Operators | Wireline Operators | Satellite Networks | Public Safety Agencies | Native American Tribes | Municipalities | Utilities
WampWorx services spans a project’s entire life. Our professionals provide full service. Engineers, consultants, policy experts, construction managers and execution resources – they all work with clients to create a tailor-made, comprehensive business case. We provide a single point of responsibility that simplifies project coordination. We help clients assess opportunities in renewable power and make strategic decisions about how to best capitalize on assets. How? We provide straight-forward technical and financial advice. No fluff. 

We focus on sustainable solutions – environmentally and economically – to maximize our clients' ROI.

Full-Service, Life-Cycle 

Our full-service approach maximizes “after market” operations. Our team will help identify performance indicators, conduct tests and monitor operations. We develop tools clients can use to confidently manage assets for top performance and the highest financial reward.​

Our partners have almost a century of asset management expertise. We work on complex infrastructure challenges across the globe. We measure solutions in terms of financial strength, capacity and reliability.We can analyze all facets of a single asset or a portfolio of assets. We know the issues that can affect asset performance and how they interconnect.


Project Development

Asset Management